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Our company has been serving Houston and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. With over 1000 customers served we have the experience our customer's depend on.

  When you think reliable contractor, we want you to think Andy's!

Choose Between Our 2 Service Categories
Handyman Services 
Projects that are completed in a few hours or up to 2 days
Fast Service-Call: 1-2 Hours
$200.00 and $75/hour thereafter
Handyman Half-day: 3-4 Hours
$325.00 and $50/hour thereafter
Flat Rate Handyman Day: 7-8 hours
$450.00 and $30/hour after 8 hours

  Customers, A Handyman works best off a list. Expect to put more on a list than can be completed with a prioritization on the most urgent items. All materials used or purchased will be itemized and invoiced in addition to the labor price. All work will include a written guarantee unless stated otherwise in writing. 
    Remember, we do not offer estimates for most small list items or individual repair projects that will take only a few hours or less then 2 days to complete since, these projects can be completed and scheduled on a flat rate basis.
    Since work can be completed sight-unseen without an estimate, if I show up and I find that I cannot fix it, you can rest assured you don't pay. 

We offer estimates FREE of CHARGE for projects that may be beyond the scope of a Handyman 2+ day project. These projects may include any of the following services.

Make-Ready for Sale or Lease Homes
Interior/Exterior House Painting
Flooring Installation
Interior Framing, Exterior Siding, Decks, and Fences
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
Doors and Windows
Drywall Installation and Finishing
Emergency Construction Services
Drafting and Design Services

    All estimates will be in writing and contain information about your project not limited to:  the expected duration of the project, start date and expected end date, the details of the materials or products proposed including any manufacturer warranties, safety notifications, or design specifications used, cost of the project materials and labor, labor warranty if applicable, payment schedules including deposit requirements and sequential payments, technical drawings or permit drawings if required and other information most pertinent to your project. 

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Andy's Handyman and Trade Service Pro's

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